Information for university and college admissions teams

During the academic year 2020-2021 all students experienced disruptions to their learning and the Year 12 bubble swtiched to online learning for significant periods during the Autumn Term. The majority of the Spring Term was spent accessing learning remotely and students were able to access either live or recorded lessons and teacher support via email. The pastoral team also supported students remotely at this time. 

Students received online support with the preparation of personal statements and in the UCAS application process and limited face to face support in the Summer term.

Students have not sat any formal internal examinations in Year 12 as these were scheduled for June 2021 and it was not possible to gather large numbers of students in one location. They did sit classroom based assessments. 

Please contact the 6th form directly if you have any additional questions. 


                                                                                                Rosie Field and Clare Gardiner, Heads of Beverley Joint 6th, October 2021