Business Studies

Business Studies

Entry Requirements: GCSE Maths Grade 5, GCSE English Grade 5 and GCSE Business Grade 6 (if applicable)

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Why choose Business at A level?

Business is the right subject for you if you enjoy debating economic issues such as:

What do I need to know, or be able to do, A level? before taking this course?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t studied business before. You might have an interest in business, and want to start your own business one day. You may have an enquiring mind and be interested in learning about the world around you, how businesses work and what challenges businesses face. This course will help you to understand all this and more.

What will I learn? 

Business is a dynamic subject. You will learn about the diverse nature of business enterprise and the interdependence of the various parts of the business world. You will explore business success and business failure, investigate local, national and global business markets, and understand how businesses need to adapt and respond strategically to the changing environment in which they operate to survive and grow. This constant evolutionary process makes business a fascinating subject. 

In Theme 1 and Theme 2 you will learn about how businesses work. You will be introduced to the marketing and people functions before investigating entrepreneurs and business start-ups. You will also explore how business finance and operations work, and understand the impact of external influences. 

Theme 3 and Theme 4 move from functions to strategy. You will explore influences on business strategy and decision-making, and understand how businesses mitigate risk and uncertainty. You will also explore global business and the opportunities and issues facing businesses in today’s global world.


How will I be assessed at A level?

Paper 1 - You will tackle data response and essay questions on marketing, people and global businesses – this is the content you study in Theme 1 and Theme 4.

Paper 2 - You will tackle data response and essay questions on business activities, decisions and strategy – this is the content you study in Theme 2 and Theme 3.

Paper 3 - You will have a research task before the exam. The questions in the exam – data response and essay questions – are linked to the context you will research.

What can I do after I’ve completed the course?

Through studying business, you will develop transferable skills that will prepare you for studying at university or moving into the world of work. You will become skilled in making decisions, solving problems, applying numerical skills (including understanding finance and working with data) and understanding the business environment. You will also develop commercial awareness. 

Suitable higher education courses include business management, accountancy and finance, marketing, tourism management and international business. Business students can also progress to a wide range of careers, such as banking, sales, product management and general management, to working in public sector organisations or charities.