Entry requirements: GCSE grade 5 in English

Why study Classics?

Students with a broad interest in the humanities subjects, but not wanting to limit themselves to just one or two in particular, may be well placed to consider Classics A level. 

To study Classics is to learn about the culture of classical antiquity: the thousand or so years between the Bronze Age of Ancient Greece and the fall of the Roman Empire, and all the literature, language, history, and art contained within this period. From this foundation, there is the potential to trace the influence of the period that is still relevant to contemporary art and culture. 

Students will develop an extensive range of thinking skills in interpreting detailed and intriguing sources that demand a high level of understanding and allow room for conflicting interpretations. Students will refine their arguments in class discussion, where a personal approach is encouraged. The key exam skills are essay writing and dealing with questions which require students to interpret a piece of text.  Study sources include many original texts in translation but also engaging with art, watching short documentaries and films, or attending lectures and plays.

You do not need to learn Greek or Latin for the A level Classics course.

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