English Language

English Language


Entry Requirements: GCSE English Language Grade 6

Paper 1: Language, the Individual and Society



 Section A - Textual variations and representations

Two texts (one contemporary, one older) linked by topic or theme.

A question requiring analysis of one text (25 marks)

A question requiring analysis of a second text (25 marks)

A question requiring comparison of the two texts (20 marks)


Section B - Children’s language development

A discursive essay on children’s language development, with a choice of two questions where the data provided will focus on spoken, written or multimodal language (30 marks)

 Paper 2: Language diversity and change



 Section A - Language diversity

One question from a choice of two:

either: an evaluative essay on language diversity (30 marks)

or: an evaluative essay on language change (30 marks)


Section B - Language discourses

Two texts about a topic linked to the study of diversity and change


  Non-exam assessment: Language in Action



Students produce:

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