Theatre Studies


Entry Requirement: GCSE English Language Grade 5

 YEAR 12

Component 1: Interpreting Drama

Students will practically explore a set play. They will explore context, characters, plot, themes, relationships and will develop a knowledge of how the play could be directed and performed for an audience.

Students will see a professional live theatre production and analyse and evaluate its success.

2 hour written exam.

Open Book

Component 2: Process and Performance

Students will practically explore extracts from different plays. They will explore all aspects of the play and will perform one of the extracts for assessment.

Students will write a detailed portfolio of both the process and evaluating the final performance.


Component 1: Drama and Theatre

Students will practically explore and study two set plays.

Students will analyse and evaluate a live production seen.

3-hour exam.

Open book.

Component 2: Creating Original Drama

Students will create and develop their own piece of Drama based around a stimulus of their choosing.

Students will explore theatre practitioners and apply these approaches.

Students will create a portfolio to document the process.

Component 3: Making Theatre

Practical exploration of three extracts from different plays.

Methodology of a prescribed practitioner to be applied to Extract 3, which will be performed for an external examiner.

Reflective report documenting exploration. 

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Career Opportunities:  

Theatre Studies provides a fantastic basis for most careers - particularly work in media/theatre, administration, public relations, marketing, law and education, this is due to the self-confidence it builds, the communication skills it nurtures and the culturally wide education that it offers.

Theatre Studies also links in well with English Literature, as plays will be explored in equal depth, looking at context, characters and plot.

Theatre Studies has strong links with Media Studies, and would be a big boost for a career in this ever evolving technology-heavy field.