Entry Requirements: GCSE English and GCSE in a humanities subject grade 6

Why choose Law at A level?

Enjoyment: Law is intrinsically interesting and the important legal cases you will study genuinely fascinating: their facts often memorable and their outcomes often difficult to predict and always ripe for a good debate. Buying a Mars bar (contract law) will never be the same again and you will find out why a snail in a bottle of ginger beer kicked off our modern law of negligence.


Essential skills: Studying law will help you develop key skills which both universities and a huge range of employers find extremely attractive - the ability to analyse and effectively explain complex issues and competing arguments; to communicate ideas clearly and persuasively (both verbally and in writing); and to select relevant evidence to support reasoned and valid conclusions.


Understanding the world we live in: law impacts on every aspect of our daily lives - even if you don’t end up working in a traditional legal profession, studying Law will give you a great insight into subjects as diverse as business, politics, crime and consumer rights, and equip and empower you confidently to deal with all sorts of issues that your working and personal lives throw up in the future.


What do we study in Law?





  • The Legal System
  • Law-Making
  • Criminal Law
  • The Law of Tort
  • The Nature of Law
  • The Law of Contract


What exam board do we use?