Meet the Students


Ilsa Year 13

Studying: Chemistry, Biology & English Literature

Advice for future students: Have fun! (but also spend some time working in your free periods) Try to be as organised as you can be.

Things I have learnt: Everything can always be improved, even if you think its perfect.

My Plans for future: Hopefully to take a degree in PPE at either Oxford or Durham University.




Ben Year 12

Studying: I currently study English Literature, Photography and Geography.

Advice for future students: Do your work as you go along, make sure you don't save it all up. Don't stress, and be organised.

Things I have learnt so far: To have a good balance between home life and school life and be as organised as possible.

My plans for the future: I'm looking at either doing a gap year or furthering my studies at university.



Ebony Year 12

Studying: Religious Studies, History and English Language.

Advice for future students: Pick one new subject, one you enjoy and one you are good at. Take pride in your work. Make sure to keep organised and don't get behind on work.

Things I have learnt so far: You won't always succeed but that's how we learn. Embrace the good things, don't dwell on things from the past.

My plans for the future: After the J6th, I'm hoping to go travelling or potentially further my studies at university.



Maddy Year 13  

Studying: Biology, Chemistry & Music.

Advice for future students: Do as much work to support your studies but have fun at the same time. Don't leave work till the last minute and try to be as organised as possible, with folders etc.

Things I have learnt: Mark schemes are your best friend - use them to revise for every test.

My plans for the future: Hopefully to study a music degree at Oxford, Durham or Edinburgh. Hopefully be accepted for a choral scholarship at Oxford and perform as much as possible. 



Archie Year 13

Studying: Physics, Geography & Photography

Advice for future students: Take Subjects that you will enjoy, whilst taking into account your future, such as university courses and careers.

Things I have learnt so far: I have learnt how to correctly balance school work and social life. I also really like how contact time with teachers and study time is balanced.

My plans for the future: I would like to do a higher apprenticeship to gain a Higher National Diploma as a Deck Officer in the Merchant Navy.



Fergus Year 12

Studying: I currently study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and English Literature

Advice for future students: If you take subjects you like it feels like less work. It also helps if you do your work on the day it is given, which helps it stop becoming overwhelming.

Things I have learnt so far: So far I have learnt to keep on top of my work by summarising lessons and doing lots of practice. The best part is how in control you are. If you do all of your work in your free periods, you have more time to spend doing what you want.

My plans for the future: After the J6th, I hope to study either aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering at a University, hopefully Bristol or Imperial College.