Applying to University?

You will find below links to all the relevant information to help you make a successful application to University. 

Guidance for students thinking of applying for Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Medicine, Oxford or Cambridge


Wider Reading

Are you thinking about applying to University?  Wondering what to write about on your Personal Statement?  Or just interested in reading around your subject?  Look no further than our list of wider reading selected for 6th Form students:

 TED Talks -

Gresham College Lectures -

Intelligence Squared Podcasts -

Scrambled Eggs Podcasts -

The Conversation -

BBC Panorama -

Channel 4 Dispatches -

The Moral Maze -

In Our Time -

Philosophy Bites -

Question Time -

Radio 4 - Any Questions/Any Answers -

Book of the Week -

More or Less -

Under the Skin -

HE Plus (Cambridge University) -


Click here for a presentation for parents about the application process

Visit the following sites for help and guidance: 


See below for useful information on Student Finance: