Entry Requirements:

It is not essential that you have a GCSE in a creative subject but it is essential that you have a strong passion for Photography.

In the sixth form we follow the AQA specification. This is a broad –based course introducing students to a variety of experiences using a range of media, processes and techniques, for example:

Digital and traditional photography, experimenting with a variety of backdrops, lighting systems and cameras. 

At A level, candidates are required to work on individual projects with a great deal of independence.  Personal projects should be used to deepen knowledge and to express ideas. 

Component 1 is a personal investigation based on an idea, issue, concept or theme supported by 1000-3000 words (60% of final grade).

Component 2 is an externally set assignment; candidates are given a question paper containing 8 starting points from which they choose one. Students are then required to develop a project around their chosen theme. 15 hours of unaided, supervised work completes this unit of work. (40% of final grade)

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Photography is a vast and expanding industry with an enormous variety of jobs. The rapid expansion in new technologies has led to a serious skill shortage in many areas. Many of our students go on to study in Higher Education and there are a large variety of courses to choose from.