Entry Requirements for Physics:  Grade 6 GCSE in Physics if you followed the triple science course. 6-6 in paper 1 & 2, the Physics modules if you studied Combined science.

Higher tier maths at grade 5 or study Core Maths.



During the A level course you will complete the following units:


Particles and radiation

Waves and optics

Materials and Mechanics



There is a great emphasis on continual assessment of practical work. It provides an exciting challenge for students interested in finding out about the world around us.


There is some mathematical work in the A level course. This is covered as part of the A level teaching.


The study of mathematics is NOT a pre-requisite of this course.




The units are:

Further mechanics and thermal physics


Nuclear physics


The choice of an optional topic from: - Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning points in Physics, and Electronics.

Again there is a continual assessment of the practical work.


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Career Opportunities:

Physicists have many of the transferable skills that are highly valued by employers.  They are analytical and creative and are experts at problem solving.  The following are examples of jobs that people with A level Physics do:  careers in medicine and health care, veterinary medicine, product design, architecture, computer industry (including computer games design), meteorology, environmental conservation and engineering (mechanical, aeronautical, civil etc)


Student Quote

Quarks. Photons. Bosons. Mesons. They might not make sense now, and at the end of the course, they still won't make much sense. Nevertheless, A-Level physics offers a brief foray into the quantum realm which alongside a basic mathematical understanding, becomes a purely fascinating topic. Mechanics and Electricity is still fundamental throughout, thus providing both the useful application and interesting discussion that Physics has to offer.  The teaching is both succinct and effective, which due to the course requiring more theory than simply remembering facts, the homework and revision is much lighter compared to other sciences. Take this subject if you are a problem solver and practical worker, as you are sure to enjoy it, because I definitely have. Oliver