Entry Requirements: GCSE English Language Grade 5

This course involves detailed analysis of various media texts. It enables candidates to engage with media theories, ideas and debates through class work and independent study. Students will be communicating their analysis and interpretation of the media through written work and creative projects, looking at the media texts from the point of view of both producers and consumers. The course benefits from a creative coursework assessment.

Subject content

Core content

  1. Media Language 2.Media Representation
  2. Media Industries 4. Media Audiences


Paper 1

      Questions will focus on issues and debates in the media. Students will be expected to use any relevant elements of the theoretical framework in order to explore the ideas in the paper.

How it’s assessed: Written exam: 2 hours (35% of A Level)

 Paper 2

      Questions will focus on the analysis of media products, through the lens of the theoretical framework. Students will be expected to refer to the Close Study Products and other products they have studied. They will also be expected to demonstrate understanding of the contexts in which the products were created.

How it's assessed: Written exam: 2 hours (35% of A Level)


Non-exam assessment: Creating a media product

     The coursework allows students to apply their knowledge and understanding of the theoretical framework through the products they create.  You will demonstrate practical skills relating to the media format of your choice.

How it's assessed:

Creation of two media products in response to one of six briefs.  (30% of A Level)  

(Works well with:  Photography, English, Psychology, Theatre Studies)

Career Opportunities

Journalism, Broadcasting – TV/Radio, Advertising, Marketing, Publishing, Social Media, Editorial, Media Planning/Buying, Press Photographer, Podcast Production and many more!


Student Quote

Why did you choose Media Studies?

Media Studies is my favourite subject, and I have been able to apply other classes such as I.C.T and my own hobbies in the coursework for Media Studies. It consists of photography, videography, website creation, photoshopping images and you can do this on any subject you want. You get the freedom to choose what you make a poster, video, website about; which is a great choice to have. Harry